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    ....More dimensions than 3D alone.

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    Keijzers 4D is a young and dynamic company. Not easily stereotyped or pigeonholed, and that's exactly what defines its flexibility.

    Keijzers’ 4D core business is designing, maintaining and revising machines and machine parts. Using divers (3D)CAD software for this process. We also specialize in technical-esthetic objects in this sector. By this we mean art-objects, ornamental fences, animations and logo design.

    We take care of the whole package, from first concept to a completely developed product. Therefore we dare to say: Keijzers 4D……more than 3D alone!

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    Keijzers 4D

    Emmalaan 4
    5342GR Oss

    The Netherlands

    +31 (0)6 348 538 26
    E-mail: info@keijzers4D.nl

    kvk: 54200016

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